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What is better to know before buying a refurbished server

What is better to know before buying a refurbished server 5 September 2023

Purchasing refurbished server hardware can be the perfect option for IT managers and business owners who always want maximum success and return on their investment.

Below we are going to consider the reasons for such a decision.

What are refurbished servers

Refurbished servers are built with updated components that prevent frequent overheating and server breakdowns. Moreover, refurbished servers can be purchased at the best price (more profitable option).

Newserverlife is actually following the same strategy as Apple. Used equipment undergoes a diagnostic and restoration procedure, and then is sold by the enterprise as refurbished equipment marked "as new". The equipment is delivered safely packed.

The result of buying refurbished servers – high-quality equipment with a guarantee, the service life of which is 5-7 years, as well as saving money (up to 80%).

Newserverlife Dell refurbished servers

Using refurbished servers

Refurbished equipment can serve different purposes and be used in almost any field of activity. For example:

  • banks,
  • medical centers,
  • retail,
  • e-commerce,
  • industrial development,
  • oil and gas industry,
  • state-owned companies.

Differences between refurbished servers and used servers

Ref-equipment goes through the following stages before being sent for sale:

  • full recovery,
  • cleaning,
  • testing.

Used equipment is delivered to the buyer with all the problems and hidden flaws.

The quality of refurbished servers is guaranteed by the supplier, while the quality of used servers is not guaranteed by anyone.

Therefore, the difference is very noticeable.

Stages of transformation of a used server into a refurbished server

Device inspection. At first, specialists perform an external inspection of the server. External damage of any nature is visible almost immediately.

Device Diagnostics. Professionals analyze the technical condition of the server and look for faults. At this stage, the device must be disassembled into parts and get rid of dust and dirt.

Components Replacement. In some cases, it may be necessary to replace defective or inefficient elements of the device with new ones. Almost all new components should be cleaned with an antistatic vacuum cleaner and isopropanol after installation.

Firmware update. This procedure is necessary for the server to work more reliably and longer. Only servers 2-3 generations ago are used for replacement.

Testing. At first, specialists test the assembled and updated server, which is then stored in a specially equipped warehouse until the sale. After placing an order, the elements necessary for the client are added to the device package. Then the server is sent for stress testing, which involves running it at high power, exceeding its usual operation. This process allows you to ensure the most reliable operation of the server, while eliminating even minor problems.

At the end of all stages, the equipment is ready for work.

As a result: the device works properly and reliably, and is more profitable than a new model.

Refurbished server benefits

High performance. Taking into account the lower price, it is possible to install a more powerful processor, as well as increase the amount of memory. The level of refurbished server work will be much more efficient than a new on, but for the same price.

New components. The durability of the Refurbished servers is ensured by the installation of new components and programs that improve the quality of the device performance. Newserverlife uses only new drives for installation.

Saving money. For small or medium businesses, buying a refurbished server can be a great money-saving option, as a refurbished server is much cheaper than a new model. Saved money can be spent on further business development.

Reliability guarantee. Additional quality control is the key to the efficiency and durability of the equipment.


According to MarketsandMarkets statistics, the growth in demand for refurbished equipment will grow every year and will reach $21.2 billion by 2025.


Refurbished servers are beneficial for several reasons:

  • they are assembled for specific user requests,
  • they can be a convenient basis for business digitalization,
  • these servers are also more affordable than the newer models.

Newserverlife refurbishes these servers providing a guarantee of its reliable and efficient operation at the level of new models.