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Server Recycling: What to do with decommissioned servers?

Server Recycling: What to do with decommissioned servers? 25 July 2023

Sooner or later every server comes into disrepair, which acutely poses the question of disposal to the owner of the server room. There are a number of recommendations that will help solve the issue of decommissioned servers. In this article we will consider in detail the best options for server disposal.

The Environment and Server Recycling

Saving on server recycling is certainly an important aspect, but the environment must not be forgotten. Proper recycling can minimize the negative effects on the environment and contribute significantly to the sustainable use of resources. Here are recommendations for server recycling:

  • Contact a certified recycling company: There are a huge number of companies that provide electronics recycling services. They recycle according to international standards, so this method is very popular.
  • Recycling: When contacting a recycling company, make sure that they are in the business of recycling. Recycling includes metal, glass and plastic recycling.
  • Disposal of hazardous substances: Servers may contain a number of hazardous substances, including brominated flame retardants, mercury, and lead. When contacting a recycling company, be sure to check if they recycle such substances. 
  • Data Security: Despite a recycling company's reputation it is advisable to erase all data on the servers. This security measure is not required, but it is better to play it safe.

By adhering to these recommendations, you can be sure that the recycling of the server has caused minimal damage to the environment.


Repurpose or Reuse instead of Recycling

In addition to server recycling, there is repurposing and reuse, which are great alternatives. If there are working components inside the servers, they can be used for the benefit of your company, such as creating test environments, deploying applications, and backing up information.

Particular attention should be paid to the resale and lease of obsolete servers. This option is suitable when the server continues to function, but to perform the required tasks is no longer suitable. It can be sold to individuals or companies, which will bring additional income to your company.

Server Donation for Tax Write Offs

Some countries have a methodology for donating old servers for tax deductions. In 2023, this practice will be used in many countries that offer incentives and benefits to organizations that donate servers.


To quickly sell your obsolete servers, you can resort to remarketing. However, you should understand that there will be no instant buyers. It is necessary to specify the true state of the servers. Otherwise, the sale will be delayed for a very long period.

Server Recycling: the End of the Line

If your servers are completely out of order and are not suitable for sale or lease, recycling is the only option. The price of this service is individual for each recycling company. You should not save money on server recycling. It is better to overpay and be sure that the recycling of your servers does not harm the environment. Follow the recommendations mentioned above.

Data Security

After a server crash, the servers continue to store sensitive information. This is why it is important to ensure that your data is completely secure before contacting a recycling company. This requires an audit and detailed documentation of the process, the application of data encryption and the deletion of all information.

Server Recycling Downstream

The "dismantling down the chain" method of server recycling is an excellent solution for getting the maximum benefit. The recycling process of the mentioned technology is the disassembly of the north into components and parts. Faulty parts are sent for recycling, and working parts are sold or reused.