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How to fix the “Server IP address could not be found” error on Windows

How to fix the “Server IP address could not be found” error on Windows 19 July 2023

Windows users regularly encounter the "Server IP address could not be found" error. It often indicates a problem with DNS server name resolution and can be easily solved using several methods. In this review we are going to find out the effective methods of solving the error and the reasons for its appearance.

What does "Server IP address could not be found" error mean?

If we consider the meaning of the "Server IP address could not be found" error, the most common answer is that the device has failed to find the server IP address. Simply put, when you enter a domain name in a web browser, such as Chrome or Opera, the computer needs to perform a DNS resolution process in order to further find out the IP address that is associated with that domain name. There are several reasons for the "Server IP address could not be found" error:

  • Incorrect DNS server configuration: If your system is configured to use certain DNS servers that are not functioning properly or not at all.
  • Difficulties with DNS servers: It is likely that the DNS servers your system uses to resolve names are simply not responding or are unavailable. These problems stem from network failures or configuration failures in your DNS server.
  • Network connectivity problems: Incorrect IP address settings, malfunctioning network equipment and improperly configured firewall are the most common causes of this error. 
  • Denied server connections: Using certain network settings, firewalls and antivirus programs that deny access to the required servers.

In general, "Server IP address could not be found" failures are caused by problems with DNS resolution and solving them requires checking the network connection configuration, firewall, overall network health and DNS servers.

How do I correct this error?

To solve the error "Server IP address could not be found" it is recommended to take comprehensive actions that are likely to get rid of the mentioned failure forever. Among the most effective solutions to this problem are:

  • Check your Internet connection: Make sure that your network connection is working properly.
  • Reboot the device and router: Rebooting the system and router helps you get rid of sporadic failures, helping you to reconnect to the network.
  • Verify DNS configuration: This error may occur if your system is not configured to get DNS servers automatically. To check this option, go to your network connection settings.
  • Clearing the DNS cache: After clearing the DNS cache, outdated and incorrect entries will be deleted. To do this, open a command line with administrator privileges and enter the command ipconfig /flushdns.
  • Change DNS servers: In case the failures are related to your current DNS server, it is recommended to try changing it to a public DNS server. Public DNS servers include Google Ip address DNS ( AND and Cloudflare DNS ( AND
  • Block checks: Some firewalls and anti-viruses may not allow access to the server. To check for such blocks, you need to go to the settings and temporarily disable all firewalls and programs.

What to do if the problem persists?

If none of the previously listed methods helped to solve the "Server IP address could not found" problem, you can take some additional steps. The most effective way is to use alternative DNS servers, among which there are free servers such as OpenDNS or Yandex.DNS. Also, changing the network adapter may help to solve the problem. To do this, switch from a wired connection to WI-FI or vice versa.