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Comparison of Windows Server and Linux Server

Comparison of Windows Server and Linux Server 6 June 2024

The operating system is an integral component of any server. It creates the basis for installing various programs that are required to run websites. The two most popular server operating systems are Windows Server and Linux Server. When choosing a specific OS, it is important to remember that each has its own advantages and disadvantages. Taking into account various factors, such as the databases and applications used, as well as the programming language of the site and many others, it is possible to make the right choice of the most appropriate operating system. Next, we will consider the main features of each operating system.

Windows Server

This operating system for servers, developed by Microsoft, has become widespread in the business segment. Windows Server has an excellent reputation and offers great technical support. Testing and regular updates of the operating system eliminate system errors, malfunctions, as well as guarantee protection against DDoS attacks. The largest data centers and global corporations give their preference to Microsoft services. Windows Server 2022 is the most popular version to date.

The following are the important advantages of Microsoft's server OS:

  • Detailed guide. On the official website of the developer, you can find detailed answers to any questions, in particular on how to fix any errors.
  • Simple interface. The administrator's desktop is similar to the Windows desktop for PCs. The installation and configuration of the necessary programs are performed on-screen using visual controls, eliminating the need for knowledge of special commands. This feature allows even beginners to easily make changes and manage websites.
  • Excellent combination with SQL databases. SQL databases are read correctly without the need to use additional software.
  • Microsoft 365 compatibility. With WS, new sites are easily integrated with Microsoft 365 tools such as mail, video conference planners, and other business applications.

The simplified version of the GUI uses fewer server resources. However, the traditional OS does not offer such an advantage. Thus, the performance of 1 core and approximately 3 GB of RAM are only required to run the program itself. Accordingly, with low-quality hardware, the server operating system will slow down the operation of all connected sites. This operating system is the best option for powerful hardware with a multi-core processor (frequency of each core is about 3 GHz), as well as large RAM.

The disadvantage of Windows OS is the high cost of the license (the price of an annual subscription starts at approximately $360). If you use data center services such as hosting your own websites or renting a virtual server with Microsoft OS, the price of the operating system is included in the final cost. When renting a virtual VPS, the cost is distributed among all users. The tenant is responsible for all costs related to the allocated equipment.

Hackers often write viruses to defeat one of the sides of the server Windows. As a result, such websites usually become the target of various attacks, including data theft. However, the developer is able to track down and fix various bugs or vulnerabilities.

Linux Server

The Linux operating system has also gained great popularity. It is widely used both by individual servers and in the business segment. Its applications, including Ubuntu, are available for free. If you rent a Linux server, you won't have to overpay for software. As a result, the cost of the provider's service will be reduced. Open source code is an important feature of this OS. If necessary, the program can be adapted to the specific requirements of server sites.

It is also worth noting some advantages and disadvantages of Linux OS:

Among the advantages are:

Low consumption of hardware resources. Since the operating system functions stably even on weak or not the latest hardware, the site can quickly process requests. There are also no problems with loading the site and its continuous operation, which means the owner saves on equipment.

Good compatibility. Linux is highly compatible with Apache servers, MySQL databases, and PHP websites. The web portal created on the WordPress platform also has a high level of compatibility with this OS.

Among the disadvantages are:

Lack of compatibility with some corporate solutions. In this case, small businesses or specific industries will have to modify the server OS.

Difficulties with administration. The command line is used to install programs. There is also no standard desktop. For beginners, training will be required, as this will prove to be a difficult task at first.

OS Selection Criteria

To select a server with the most suitable OS, the following factors must be considered:

Equipment power. Linux is able to reduce the load on the hardware many times over if you want to save money by renting a weak server.

Ease of administration. If you are new to working with the site, it is recommended to choose Windows Server. The desktop is simple and does not require additional training.

Database management. Microsoft databases are often used in extensive corporate networks, so in this case, it is better to give your preference to Windows Server. Classic MySQL databases are bundled with Apache web servers (LAMP), which means LS is the best option here.

Data transfer protocol. FTP and telnet work great on both platforms. While SSH, which is used in order to create a secure channel, is installed without using additional software on Linux. It will take a lot of time and effort to integrate a Microsoft product.

Website programming language. A huge number of online stores and corporate portals are written in the JavaScript programming language. The operating systems considered in this article recognize this programming language well. However, it is recommended to use the Linux OS in order to create websites in PHP. Such a choice will increase the level of productivity.

Price. Linux Server is the best option for small companies or startups because it is available for free. It is better to rent a virtual or dedicated server than to buy one. For ordinary information sites or online stores, there is a wide range of standard programs that allow you to solve all tasks (no code revision is required).


Thus, choosing the best operating system for your server requires taking many factors into account. We would advise you to give preference to Windows Server if you are just starting to work with servers, or if you cannot use the services of an experienced system administrator. Although you will have to pay for the first use, this will eliminate a lot of operational problems in the future. If there is already an experienced system administrator among your employees, or you yourself have the necessary knowledge and skills, the best option would be Linux Server.