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What Is Server RAM?

What Is Server RAM? 11 July 2023

Memory is an integral part of every laptop, rack server and computer. When it comes to RAM, the function of this part is to process data from the hard drive or any other solid-state drive. RAM stores the processed information and instructions, thereby making them freely accessible to the processor. In short, no system can perform even basic tasks without RAM

Detailed inspection of RAM

RAM is random access memory. It is engaged in processing information from hard disks and further transferring data to the system's CPU. RAM is a type of volatile memory, so when a computer or server is turned off, all the accumulated information is lost. Roughly speaking, RAM is temporary memory, and hard drives and other solid-state drives are long-term memory, and the presence of both is mandatory in every piece of equipment.

Why do you need temporary memory when you have permanent memory?

This question comes up for every inexperienced user who has started to get acquainted with computer and server components. In fact, SSDs have a very slow download speed, but RAM is able to provide the necessary speed. It simplifies the work of the processor and allows it to address the server memory directly.

And for each system it is easy to increase the speed and memory bandwidth. To do this, you just need to add more RAM. When considered in the context of servers, more memory will significantly increase the maximum number of virtual machines. Also, more RAM increases the efficiency of load balancing, which stabilizes enterprise performance and network connectivity.

Saving on RAM, such as buying previously used memory, is a questionable solution. If memory fails, it can lead to dire consequences in the flesh to the loss of data and failure of the server. Simply put, RAM savings for the server can lead to several months of production downtime. 

To understand the importance of RAM for the server, you must simply imagine it as a workbench. The more RAM, the bigger the workbench. The bigger the workbench, the more possibilities. That is why saving on the amount or quality of RAM for the server is not worth it.

Types of RAM: how to choose the right RAM?

As of 2023, there are two varieties of RAM, which differ in their technical characteristics and the principle of work:

  • RAM (Random Access Memory)
  • ROM (Read Only Memory)

In addition to the mentioned types of RAM, cache memory and non-volatile memory should be considered. The latter refers to a subspecies of server storage, such as tape drives, SSDs, HDDs.

In addition to the principle of operation RAM is divided into 3 main types. When choosing this part, you should pay special attention to the form factor, because it indicates the appropriate type of system. The list of these three types of memory includes registered (RDIMM), unbuffered (UDIMM) and overloaded (LRDIMM).

Not to miscalculate with the purchase of RAM for the server, it is recommended to contact a consultant or an experienced specialist, he will help define the best solution. Otherwise spent money will be wasted, because a certain type of RAM can not work on all types of systems.